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Welcome to - August 31, 2016

NEW! The Investor’s ETF Report brings to ETF investors the same comprehensive, actionable advice we’ve provided to mutual-fund investors for the past 30 years.

mark salzinger "After two decades of investing and helping other investors, I'm still convinced that no-load mutual-funds and ETFs are the best investments for protecting and growing your wealth."

Says Mark Salzinger, one of America's foremost
mutual-fund and ETF experts.

The best mutual-fund and ETF advice,
at your fingertips.

Mark Salzinger welcomes you to!

Welcome to the world of no-load mutual-fund and ETF investing. My publications include:

  • The No-Load Fund Investor, my flagship monthly newsletter, contains my exclusive commentary, model portfolios and extensive current data on nearly 1,000 leading no-load funds and ETFs. It's also the only place to get my specific fund recommendations on where to invest now for maximum profit with safety.

  • The Investor’s ETF Report, offers my exclusive commentary, model portfolios and extensive current data on nearly 400 ETFs. Subscribers get specific recommendations on ETFs for capital appreciation, dividends and safety. They also receive speculative recommendations to add spice to their investment portfolios.

  • I also offer numerous other special investment reports and guides available only to my valued subscribers.

The No-Load Fund Investor Newsletter

Sheldon Jacobs founded this highly acclaimed monthly newsletter in 1979. In 2003 Mark Salzinger became publisher and editor. Each monthly issue offers practical advice and sound strategies for making the most of today's booming no-load fund and ETF markets.

The No-Load Fund Investor is comprehensive, too, tracking nearly 1,000 no-load funds and ETFs, more than any other newsletter. It combines data, comparative reports of performance and specific recommendations. In addition, you can follow model portfolios targeted to different goals, lifestyle and preferred source of transactions. An annual subscription to the newsletter is regularly $199, but check out How to Order The No-Load Fund Investor for savings!

The newsletter is regularly $199 for 12 issues. But take advantage of the SPECIAL WEB OFFER and SAVE!

The Investor's ETF Report ETF Report

Mark Salzinger launched The Investor’s ETF Report in October 2006. Each monthly issue offers extensive investment strategies and analysis that can be easily implemented with ETFs.

The Investor’s ETF Report is comprehensive, tracking nearly 400 ETFs. Each issue includes performance data and rankings as well as specific ETF recommendations and strategies. Most issues also offer a special interview with a recognized ETF expert or with one of Mark’s handpicked strategists, industry analysts or country analysts from Wall Street, business or academia.

An annual subscription to The Investor’s ETF Report is regularly $199 for 12 issues. But take advantage of the SPECIAL WEB OFFER and SAVE!

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